Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cardinal John Henry Newman Beatified

(SACNS Europe; Tridentine South And Southern Africa)

Update by Marc Aupiais

Our Great and Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, the human power, divinely ordained beyond other human power, hath Beatified the Great Theologian John Henry Newman.

Rather than setting the Feast day of this great Blessed on the date of his death and thus his possible entry into heaven, the Great and Wise Holy Father, hath instead chosen the date at which this great man, this leader of the Oxford Movement within the Anglican Separation entered into the Holy Flock of Rome, in pursuit of his great Conscience. The Great Man Benedict XVI has also decided to put aside for this memorable occasion: (the second visit of a pontiff to Great Britain since it rejected the Holy Faith, and the First Papal State Visit since that sad day:) the rule he had made that the Holy Pontiff at Rome should only canonize and not merely beatify the great men and women who are to be upheld one day as the saints of heaven.

While some thousand men and women did protest at the date of this momentous honour given an Englishman: most within the Island's famous population had had no real view of the great occasion for Great Britain and the World. Some objected to taxpayer funding of this great event- made all the more expensive given the much more real threat against the pope by Great Britain.

The Daily Mail attacked those opposing the state visit, saying simply enough: where exactly were the protests, and great indignation, and arrest threats when South African President Jacob Zuma landed in great Britain?

This visit has been a catastrophe for Great Britain globally, which having invited a visit to Britain for the pope as Head of the Great Vatican State, then mocked his visit, in the Independent and The Guardian and other outlets. As Australian Broadcasting Corporation noted, Benedict XVI is the one who first requested powerfully in the Vatican that sex abuse cases be dealt with by the Vatican, and not complicit bishops, and that these cases be reported to authorities. It is also this pope who has decided to apologise to victims, and to appoint the exact traditionally inclined men into authority which should rid the Holy Body of this terrible blemish of sin!

An event more emotional and important to a nation than the Olympic games, while so far not a failure, has shown to Great Britain's Great Shame: that it is a country, where anything but righteousness is acceptable.

Fortunately Cardinal Kasper's comments and withdrawal, which Australian Broadcasting Corporation saw as a move by a political adversary of the pope, did not wreck the entire event. He called Great Britain a third world country, and a place of terrible secularism. Perhaps why it has taken the wait for Benedict XVI to have the Vatican put aside its view of Great Britain to honour a man notably British!

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