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Um... The Dutch Catholic Church... DIDN'T CASTRATE Those ten boys... actually

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Um... The Dutch Catholic Church... DIDN'T CASTRATE Those ten boys... actually
Serious holes in New York Times story, and history of the case suggest otherwise

Mark Shea, of the National Catholic Register newspaper, quotes a view from Get Religion, on the castration issue, which he believes, adequately shines doubt on New York Times Reporting, here's the quote of the quote:

Patheos | 'Catholic and Enjoying it by Mark Shea'| 'As I suspected, there’s a lot less to the Dutch Castration Story' by Mark Shea at March 21, 2012

"Read through the journal article and you will find all the details you will ever want to read about a dark chapter of Western medicine which saw castration as a tool in a public health program to improve the human race through eugenics and to combat what that age saw as criminal sexual deviancy.

The Times story fails the test of good journalism on several levels. It begins with an over the top headline and lede that implies the existence of Catholic cabal worthy of Dan Brown that preyed on young men — abusing them and castrating them.

It offers uncorroborated anecdotal evidence from a man dead 54 years to insinuate the Church was complicit in a gruesome crime — yet we don’t know if it was a crime. The history offered is full of gaps and makes assumptions — was the victim in the care of a Catholic institution when he reported the abuse? Was he passed from Catholic institutional custodial care to a Catholic-affiliated psychiatric hospital to a Catholic-affiliated surgery center for sterilization? Under what circumstances was the claim of abuse made? The journal article reports that castration was ordered by the state for those found to be mentally deficient or who were incorrigible sexual offenders. Who was the victim? Could the Catholic Church order the castration of a young man? How was that possible?

Professionally this is sloppy work. It is also offensive. The Catholic pedophile scandal in Holland is a horrific case of abuse, betrayal and evil. Tossing the incendiary charge of castration into this cesspit of moral corruption cheapens the suffering of those who were abused. It tells the true victims of abuse, “well it could have been worse, you could have been castrated.”
There is a story in this mess that a good journalist could bring out — a story of state sanctioned abuse of those whom science adjudged to be defective — of a church that relaxed its standards in the face of government and public opinion. We do not get that here. (One of the lacunae in the journal article is the objection by Catholic theologians in the 1930s to state castration programs on moral grounds and its disquiet over the whole field eugenics.)"

here Mark Shea quotes 21 March '“Hare, hunter, field” — Castration for deviancy'
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This is a disturbing story. But is it fair or thorough reporting? No. The lede states there is “new evidence that only adds to the scandal engulfing the church there.” The body of the story reports th...

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